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Gluten free food on prescription

Updated: December 2023

A strict gluten free diet is the only “cure” for Coeliac Disease as even the smallest risk of cross contamination can cause various symptoms for different people (or none) but ultimately causes internal damage. Thankfully, I am currently entitled to 14 units every month (as per my age group) here in Wales. But one of the biggest hurdles for me after receiving a Coeliac Disease diagnosis in late 2019, was actually getting gluten free food on a prescription. Not knowing which brands are good and which ones are actually available to order without disruption (before the pandemic hit) is another topic.

One and a half years later after the diagnosis, I found out (through a local Facebook group) that you can actually try out different brands before ordering them through NHS. Thank heavens for Facebook. For example I have now tried one of them – Juvela. Here’s the review.

Juvela gluten free starter pack

Juvela gluten free trial box
This is the contents of my Juvela starter pack

So far, I have tried quite a few different shop gluten free breads, tried to make my own using ready mixes and mixing it all up from scratch. For the longest time I though that one of the best shop bought breads were the Genius brand ones. But now I’m deeply devoted to Promise as their loaves are absolutely divine, a bit pricey though and the packaging could do with some improvements. Try my buckwheat soda bread recipe for an easy gluten free bread solution.

Back in 2021 I thought there’s a lot of improvement in the Fibre Loaf department for Juvela. On the other hand, the Part Baked White Rolls are actually amazing but if you’re trying to save on the energy bill, it is not the best option. And their pizza bases are worth a try, even for the gluten eating friends. Pasta and flour are just like any other brand. Nothing too special but nothing wrong with them either. And they included some lovely recipe ideas in the starter pack as well which is very considerate. So very much worth ordering all of them, except the Sliced Fibre Loaf, sorry!

Juvela gluten free trial box

Link for ordering your own starter pack

Juvela Fibre Mix

One of my favourite Juvela products is the Fibre Mix of which you get a very decent bread, especially right after cooking and cooling. After a few days though, it is not so lovely anymore. See below my artisan herb-covered loaves (recipe on the box). Don’t they just look delicious?

Glutafin gluten free taster box

Apparently, in order to be eligible for the Glutafin gluten free taster box, you need to have received your diagnosis in the last two years as well as your postcode needs to be eligible. They don’t send responses, I tried a few times, although according to the info on their website, I should have been eligible. Only recently I received a response via Facebook chat that I was too late.