Happily divorced from gluten

I have been happily divorced from gluten since 2019, created this blog a year later to serve as your personal invitation for embracing gluten free. Whether you’re struggling after a recent Coeliac Disease diagnosis, finding it difficult to travel on a gluten free diet or looking for healthy recipes (that happen to be gluten-free) – you’re in the right place. Gluten-free living doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or settling for bland alternatives. My main aspirations are to keep the recipes versatile (read: border transcending), as easy as possible, and nutritious.

Starting a strict gluten-free diet or cooking for someone who has Coeliac Disease, a gluten intolerance or wheat allergy can be daunting. Whatever the reason for your visit or how far you are along your own journey in becoming gluten free, I can hopefully provide guidance and ideas – an inspiration of some kind.

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