Canarian Mousse de Gofio

The star of this traditional dessert on the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago located off the northwest coast of Africa, is gofio. It’s generally made using wheat flour but there are gluten-free versions available too, made of toasted corn flour. Unfortunately, you may have to travel the Canary Islands to bring it back home but it will last you for a long time bringing back the memories of the a sunny holiday throughout the whole year. It could be a good reason to start planning your next trip as Canary Islands are quite good for people who are avoiding gluten.

I tried Mousse de Gofio on Gran Canaria a few years before my coeliac disease diagnosis and its unique taste lasted even when visiting the islands after that. I was determined to find gluten-free gofio. And in 2023, we found it in HiperDino in Lanzarote so I am making a general assumption that you can get it in any HiperDino on the archipelago.

And I am glad I did because it is such an interesting and delicious dessert, that’s also very filling.

Gluten-free gofio flour from Lanzarote

The mousse is actually pretty easy to make once you have all the ingredients and at least a hand mixer, but you can whip it up with a manual whisk as well, it definitely is worth it. Top it up with your favourite chopped nuts such as almonds or cashews.

Canarian Mousse de Gofio

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The star of this traditional dessert on the Canary Islands is gluten-free gofio made of toasted corn. Mousse de Gofio is a very interesting and delicious dessert, that’s also very filling. Once you try it, it is hard to forget the taste.


  • 55g gluten-free gofio flour

  • 2 good quality organic eggs

  • 300ml double cream

  • 75g condensed milk

  • 10-15ml milk of choice

  • Pinch of fine sea salt

  • Optional toppings
  • Chopped almonds

  • Chopped cashews


  • Separate the egg whites from the yolks and put them in separate bowls.
  • Beat the egg yolks and add condensed milk. Mix well.
  • Add the gofio and mix until a smooth paste forms. Add the milk and take up the mixture again.
  • Whisk the double cream in another bowl until creamy.
  • Add the cream slowly to the gofio paste using a spatula and fold about 6-8 times until somewhat mixed but not entirely.
  • Go back to the egg whites and whisk with a pinch of fine sea salt until soft peaks are formed.
  • Add the gofio mixture to the egg whites and again, mix with folding movements, not too many times but until somewhat mixed.
  • Put the gofio in dessert dishes or other small containers, top with nuts and cover. Let them rest in the fridge at least 2 hours to take in more flavour and consistency.


  • Add some banana slices and crumble your favourite biscuits on top of the mouse before serving for even extra flavour. Enjoy!

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