Gluten Free Outings

Gluten free outings - cup of coffee, menu and yellow tulips on a table

Gluten free travel is often daunting if you’re adventurous but with enough preparation and planning ahead, it is worth it and so much fun. The gluten free outings section is a place for gathering reviews from dining out and travelling gluten-free. I wanted to include it here mainly because, I had been using a certain famous travel review website for years, posting my genuine feedback (mostly good, sometimes bad). And recently, I discovered that it is not trustworthy anymore. After posting a few reviews that weren’t rated with five stars, some local restaurants didn’t handle it well, and my reviews were unpublished. I am not the kind of person, who dares to send the food back to the kitchen in the fear of getting a bad attitude back with it. As only good reviews were allowed (at that time), I couldn’t trust that particular travel review website again.

Therefore, you’ll find honest reviews here that come from my own experience. And if you have any advice about travelling or eating out as a coeliac or with a gluten allergy/intolerance, please email me and we could maybe write a post together.

Gluten-free travel advice from around the world

Dumplings and noodles on a plate with text Gluten Free London in the foreground

Being one of the biggest capitals of Europe, London has a lot to offer in terms of gluten-free options. I love visiting London, only recently through my gluten-free eyes and it feels like discovering everything again for the first time. So come discover with me some of the places to visit for when avoiding gluten in London.

Pizza with text Gluten Free Paris

France in general is a good place to be for people who have coeliac disease and gluten-free Paris is very much doable for anyone on a gluten free diet. In this guide, I have reviewed some 100% gluten free restaurants and shops not far from major tourist spots ideal for a long weekend in Paris in this blog post.

Gluten-free guide for Madrid, pictured a pastry held in hand

In this guide you’ll find some general tourist advice about Madrid for a short trip as well as gluten-free food options that I can personally recommend. During our 2022 holiday in Spain, we spent three full days in Madrid so hopefully, you’ll find something useful for when planning your own trip from this post.

Gluten-free in Cardiff guide

Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales. I didn’t know much about the Welsh capital until I left all my family and friends behind and moved here to study my degree. Here you’ll find some of my recommendations listed for when you are exploring Cardiff on a gluten-free diet.

Gluten free Estonia guide - burger meal on a plate as the background

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Located in the northern part of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. It’s a beautiful city with a medieval old town. This post is a mix of two recent trips – in 2021 and 2023. Read more…


Galicia is a hidden gem in north-western Spain. My adventure began back in 2015 when I met my Spanish boyfriend (now husband) here in the UK. The gluten-free spirited experience has helped us both see his homeland from a very different angle since 2020. Read more…

Gluten free Bath England text

I spent 1,5 days in Bath and managed to visit a few restaurants. As my companion there was vegetarian and, me coeliac, we obviously had to find a place where to eat, suitable for both of us. Read more…